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  • Student Leadership

    Student Leadership

    Grades 7 - 9

    Balwin currently offers "Student Leadership" as an option to it's Junior High students. In leadership, students plan events, decide on initiatives, learn about building relationships and teams, and build communication and interpersonal skills. 

    Balwin is a WE Movement school, so our leadership team has the opportunity to plan various WE initiatives.  For more information about being a WE school, visit https://www.we.org/en-CA.

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  • Friends of Balwin and School Council

    Friends of Balwin and School Council

    The School Council is a dedicated group of parents who strive to support student learning and success at our school. Parents also provide feedback to the school and get to hear about the incredible work of our staff and students first hand.

    Friends of Balwin is the fundraising society of Blawin School and is often comprised of the same members as our School Council. Through the efforts of the Friends of Balwin students receive such benefits as sponsored field trips, updated technology, sports equipment and our annual school wide Christmas Lunch.

    There are many opportunities to get involved in our school such as volunteering at special school events, supervising at school dances, or helping out on a school field trip.

    Our monthly School Council and Friends of Balwin Meeting is the last Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm in the Collaboration Room. Our schedule can be found on SchoolZone.

    We're looking forward to seeing you there!

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  • Community


    Balwin School is in the heart of the Balwin community in Edmonton, Alberta and draws from Belvedere, Princeton and Delwood Schools.

    Our destination school has a world population that celebrates our strength in diversity. We recognize that when a student joins our community, their whole family becomes part of the #balwinfamily. We raise the children together and are fully committed to both the student's and families success. We have numerous programs and supports to ensure success and that allow for a family to find a home for all of their children with us.

    Balwin is the destination for your family. 

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Balwin School is a community that believes in creating a safe and happy learning environment for all our students and their families. We are dedicated to preparing students for the 21st Century, utilizing Alberta’s curriculum and cutting edge instructional techniques. We draw on student driven approaches to engage students in the curriculum and to develop young, community minded leaders. We invite you to view our feature videos on YouTube at the Balwin School Channel.

At Balwin School families recieve incredible support as their students pursue their educational careers. We engage students in the curriculum using a student driven learning approach, support them by teaching mindfulness techniques, and deepen their access to knowledge through research utlizing the latest technologies. We are excited to offer research Literacy based programs.

Please contact us in the school office to book a visit with Ms. Jones, our Principal, or Mr. Connelly, our Assistant Principal, who are looking forward to meeting you.

Supply Lists

We are looking forward to an excellent year of learning.

Please have a look at our supply lists in preparation for school.

This contains the supply lists for all grades.




The Balwin School Staff Happy Dance


Principal's Message

Welcome to Balwin School. As the new principal I am thrilled to be working at Balwin School and I am eager to meet all members of our rich and diverse learning community. At Balwin School we focus on high quality education for all, supporting the diverse and varied needs of all students. Balwin School is aligned with  Edmonton Public School’s common vision, mission and values. Our work is driven through the district’s strategic plan of three priorities and strategic goals. A link to the district’s strategic plan can be found through https://www.epsb.ca/ourdistrict/results/strategicplanhttps:/. Balwin School is extremely fortunate to have an exceptional teaching staff. Our teachers work diligently to ensure the students work within the framework of Alberta Education’s Curriculum and Assessment pathways and requirements.

Priority #1Foster growth and success for every student by supporting their journey from early learning through high school completion and beyond”.

Balwin school works hard to support an excellent start to learning and success for every student. This foundation is critical for success beyond school.

Priority #2 “Provide welcoming, high quality learning and working environments”.

At Balwin a student’s well-being and citizenship development are central to our school community with an emphasis on a quality learning environment. Key to the work is the high level collaboration with staff at the school, colleagues in the district and our community partners to ensure excellence and supportive accountability.

Priority #3 “Enhance public education through communication, engagement and partnerships”.

With the wealth of partnerships Balwin is able to assist our school community with supporting the whole child in a manner that supports families and promotes public education. Student leadership and community activities provide opportunities for quality character development.

I look forward with much excitement to the year ahead. Please know I am available to meet and discuss concerns and questions. Together we can create the future we want for our children.

Christina Jones




Supply List 2020/2021

We are looking forward to an excellent year of learning.

Please have a look at our supply lists in preparation for school.

This contains the supply lists for all grades.