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Balwin School's Mission, Vision and Values - Our Strategic Plan

Balwin School: Rigour. Relationships. Relevance.

Mission Statement: Balwin School prepares students for life through rigorous teaching and learning while nurturing comprehensive physical and emotional growth.

Vision Statement: Balwin School is a destination school built on the diversity of its community and committed to fostering engaged critical thinkers who embrace lifelong learning.



Building capacity through a culture of collaboration and distributed leadership

Balwin Staff’s clear purpose is to ensure collaborative practices that demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning, continuity of academic instruction and providing opportunities to engage in the community.

A culture of excellence and accountability

Teaching and learning at our school is based on creating successful critical thinkers through a growth mindset, opportunities to risk-take, and by engaging all learners through intrinsic curiosity.

Success beyond schooling

Together we strive to build in ourselves and our community a sense of responsibility for the future recognizing that confident learners who are engaged, connected, and empathetic will face their world with integrity.

Success for every student

Balwin staff and students are dedicated to rigorous, high quality learning focussed on engaging all learners and meeting learners academic needs.

Supports for the whole child

Balwin School is an open, welcoming community that strives to ensure students and families are supported in their educational journey. We do this by exemplifying the highest principles of diversity, equity, and community and by ensuring we can meet families at their needs.



Balwin School's Pyramid of Success

Our Pyramid of Success outlines our systems for ensuring a rigorous academic learning environment that supports all learners.