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Balwin School has a number of unique learning opportunities build around our belief in Student Driven Learning.


Project Mondays

Balwin School starts each week with a school wide project to get ourselves ready for our extraordinary learning.

Students are broken into cross graded groups to work on a problem. Projects have included:

  • Tower building
  • Puzzle solving
  • The Paper Airplane Challenge
  • The Duct Tape Challenge
  • and many more!

Extraordinary learning is a part of everything we do.


Extraordinary Opportunities - USchool


Career and Technology Foundations

Balwin School believes in providing extraordinary learning to our students by engaging them in their interests. Division II and III students get to choose two subjects areas to develop their skills and knowledge in. These options allow students to explore a subject in greater depth and to become experts in a variety of areas. Choices include:

  • Music
  • Media Arts
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Culinary Arts
  • Construction
  • Athletic Leadership

Students can also use this time to engage in a deeper understanding of the core subjects through creating and completing projects related to those core subjects.

Balwin is a school that engages its students.


Balwin Has a Plan For You



Balwin School has a commitment to building mindfulness practices with the school community. Many students and families come from difficult backgrounds and can have their learning impact by events outside of the school. Our mindfulness practices seek to teach students, staff members and community members skills regulating their feelings, being present in the moment and engaging in their studies.

Each morning, our whole school community gets together in the gym to practice mindfulness. We then have our school announcements, sing O'Canada and then proceed to class.

Our Mindfulness Team coordinates our the program and if you have any questions, please contact  the school.