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Balwin School has numerous programs to meet the needs of our community's students and their families.


Full Day Kindergarten

Kindergarten programming supports children to build important skills in an inclusive, play-based environment. Balwin School has FULL Day Kindergarten.


  • Develop early language, literacy, numeracy and motor skills
  • Learn to share, co-operate, be responsible, problem-solve, self-express and make decisions
  • Participate in group and individual classroom activities
  • Develop positive attitudes toward learning
  • Develop a sense of confidence and self-esteem


  • Improved ability to socialize and play with others
  • Increased independence
  • Development of healthy habits and social skills


  • Organized activities within a play-based learning environment
  • Flexible instruction based on childrens’ needs and interests


After School Program

Each afternoon, immediately after the bell, students in Grade 3-6 are able to participate in Free Play. Families will need to register students for this program in our office.

The name "Free Play" embodies everything they believe in as an organization. Not only should we be free to play, but play itself needs to be freed.

They provide: 

  • Free after school childcare

  • Free transportation

  • Food education

  • Social emotional learning

  • Trained and experienced staff

  • Multiple sports including soccer, football, basketball and hockey

  • Fun adventure days and unique experiences

The positives that come from Free Play:

  • The positive feeling of community, belonging, and friendships 

  • The positive impacts on social, emotional, and mental health 

  • Positive support and mentorship that nurtures healthy relationships 

  • The positives from a kid smiling when they kick, throw or hit a ball.

Register here for registration at FreePlay at Balwin.