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School Philosophy



In collaboration with parents and community partners, we create a safe supportive and challenging learning environment where the social, emotional and academic needs of all our students are met. We expect each of our students to achieve excellence in their studies.

We build our learning process on the foundation of 21st Century Learners. We assist our students in achieving excellence through our four pillars, Engaging Instruction, Community Building, Content Planning, and Assessment.

Balwin School uses a Student Driven approach to learning.  This helps students to become engaged in learning that is meaningful to them. They will discover their own interests, employ individual learning styles and find their own motivation as they acquire skills that will be valuable throughout their lives. Our teachers help students to:

  • set goals
  • assess themselves against a standard of excellence
  • work co-operatively in groups
  • ensure that they know how to solve problems and
  • contribute to the community in a meaningful manner

Our students are acquiring knowledge and developing the skills and attitudes necessary to become capable of making a difference in our global society.